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  • Making Good Progress on Updates

    Posted on February 4th, 2016 Roger No comments

    Getting the site updated is moving along pretty quickly.

    As is often the case, I found there were two or three pages that sucked up 90% of the effort, while the others were very straightforward and went much faster. There were a lot of broken links that needed fixing. I’d say the moral of the story for anyone doing research is to grab your information when you find it — don’t count on it still being there when you check back in a month or a year.  As I have said before, thanks to the Internet, we live in the golden age of research. It’s astonishingly easy to find things out. It is, however, just as easy to lose them again. One forgotten web address, or one website that shuts down, is all it takes to make the information disappear.

    But, in any event, I think I’ve made good progress in making the information reappear, in ways that should make life easier for any researchers that find their way to this website.

    All best,


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