Introduction to the Chapter Files

In these pages, you can explore many topics that are related to the story told in Mr. Lincoln's High-Tech War, or that provide a deeper background to the story.

Many of the people who took part in the Civil War wrote of the intensity of events, of the way more seemed to happen in a week of the war than happened in all their lives before or afterwards. That explains, in large part, why so much has been written about the Civil War.

It would be utterly impossible to tell the complete story of the Civil War in one book. Even in a book concentrating on just one facet of the Civil War, there is no practical way to include everything connected to the topic -- as we discovered in writing our book.

But we didn't want to let go of the best stories, just because they didn't fit into the strictest definition of the book's subject area. It didn't seem right to leave behind so much fascinating political maneuvering, history, adventure and invention just because the material didn't quite fit in with the main narrative of the book.

We decided to present this additional material here, arranged chapter by chapter, so that these essays are keyed as closely as possible to the main text of the book. These essays might best be thought of as additional sidebars for each chapter -- discussions of topics you'll want to know more about once you read the book.

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