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Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion , Govt. Print. Office, Washington D.C. Volumes: Series I, vols. 1-27; Series II, vols 1-3 (1894 - 1922) (see note in online resources section below.)

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Websites and online resources

Mr Lincoln's High Tech War was written at the dawn of a golden age for finding things out. The amount of information available on the Internet is utterly overwhelming. Here are a few of the most valuable resources for studying the Civil War. Note: The addresses and contents of websites are subject to change. Listed below are web resources that are of especially high value for general research into the Civil War, and that are also likely to remain available for the foreseeable future. Please visit the book's website at or for updated links to new websites, and websites of interest to specific topics.

The War of the Rebellion: a Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, and Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion are commonly referred to as the Official Records and Official Records, Navy. They are often abbreviated as OR and ORN. They represent the primary source for virtually any research into the Civil War. The xxx volumes of the OR and ORN are available in searchable form at Cornell University's Making of America Site, This resource was invaluable in the writing of Mr Lincoln's High Tech War. (Many other texts are available at the same site, including 19th-century editions of Scientific American and Harper's Monthly. The pages of the original volumes can be displayed as fascimiles, or as plain text (though the conversion to text is sometimes unreliable) and the full text of the OR and ORN is searchable. The OR (but not, apparently the ORN) is available as searchable text at, along with the Atlas to Accompany the Official Records including many spectacular maps, along with diagrams of weapons, uniforms, equipment and flags used in the war.

The Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships. There are many online versions of DANFS, and it is worth searching the web for the term DANFS to find them, but the definitive one, maintained by the U.S. Navy History and Heritage Command, was formerly at The whole website was reorganized some time after we finished writing Mr. Lincoln's High-Tech War and assembled this website, with the result that many links mentioned in this website became broken. We are doing our best to repair those links, but if we miss one, the new equivalent page is However, see also which allows access to ship histories for Confederate vessels, as well as a great of other useful information on naval history.

DANFS provides histories of virtually every U.S. and Confederate Ship, along with a vast selection of photographs and other images, and links to accounts of important battles and actions. Additional photos pages were available on the old site, collecting multiple reloated images on a single page. We have not been able to locate equivalent pages in the revamped U.S. Navy History and Heritage Command website. However, we did locate a private "mirror" site -- a mirror site being one that exactly duplicates everything on the parent site. In this case, the mirror has survived (as least for now) after the demise of the original it once reflected. The mirror site is an excellent resource, because it groups images thematically. See for an overview of what's in the mirror, and for a listing of images of Confederate ships. Note that the images are numbered. You should be able to take a given image number from the mirror site and then go back to the site, enter the image number in the search box there, and find their version of the same shot. In some cases, this process will likely lead you to additional information.

The Lincoln Log: a day-to-day record of Lincoln's life is available at provides a day-by-day, and sometimes hour-by-hour account of Lincoln's life. Searchable by date and keyword, it provides citations and links to many other resources.

The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, with searchable text is available at

The full text of all of Harper's Weekly for the wars years is available at Many other resources, such as political cartoons from the magazine, are featured at

The website from The Monitor Center provides a look at many aspects of the U.S.S. Monitor and the C.S.S. Virginia. The privately run site is a good source as well. A personal web page on "Ironclads and Blockade Runners of the Civil War is at The Friends of the Hunley site at details the doomed sub's career, along with information on her rediscovery, recovery, and ongoing reconstruction—and a Hunley simulator. See also for a fascinating ongoing effort to do a digital reconstruction of the Hunley, and for a highly detailed, if unofficial, overview of the craft. provides maps, diagrams, histories and a great deal more. besides.

Any number of 19th Century books, many to do with the Civil War, have been placed online as text and/or in scans of the original books pages. See,, and Most texts are downloadable in one form or another, though others must be viewed online.